Fixed and Fair: Why Our Rides are Flat-Rate

It’s the middle of the post-work rush hour and your route to the airport is littered with clogged highways, multiple fender benders, and unexpected detours. Your on-demand car arrives 13 minutes later than expected, but the games don’t end there: the app’s going to levy a surge charge on you for having the gall to travel during the city’s busiest time of day. Only after your drop-off at the departures level do you realize the trip was $25 more than the last time you took the same trip.

Wouldn’t you like a little more predictability?

rides are flat rate


We certainly think so, which is why the issue of transparency is at the heart of everything we do as a business. The ability to get an up-front price before you book is one of the most beloved features at Wingz; consistency is crucial to our pricing model and overall philosophy. We’ll never charge you extra if your trip goes long or the demand for our cars is high—that means you’ll pay the same price whether it’s 4:00 in the morning or smack in the middle of a special event like a rainy rush hour, a protest or a football game. It’s an essential part of our platform that separates us from the other transportation services out there.

So the next time you’re inching your way through thickets of heavy traffic in a car that’s getting more expensive by the minute, remember with Wingz, you’ll never have to guess the prices you’ll pay.