Scheduled & Stress-Free: Why We Pre-Book Rides

It’s 5:43 a.m. and you’re in a cold sweat. The departure of your early-morning flight is creeping ever-closer, but no matter how nimble your thumbs are in smartphone acrobatics, you can’t find an on-demand ride anywhere within 10 miles of your location.

Shouldn’t you have planned this out beforehand?

We think so, which is why Wingz has the unique feature of scheduling your rides in advance for a stress-free travel experience. If you know when and where you want a ride, there’s no reason to leave your trip up to chance.

Pre-booking your ride with Wingz means that before you even get in the car you’ll know exactly who’s picking you up, at which time, and at what price. Plus, since you’re planning your ride ahead of time, you’ll never be subject to the surge pricing that other rideshare companies set loose whenever there’s a particularly quiet or busy time of the day.

A few other companies have recently trotted out their own versions of “scheduled” rides, but it’s important to know that those features are really just cueing your ride requests at a specific time. Translation: if there aren’t any cars in your area for the time you “scheduled” one in advance, then you’ll still be as driverless as those who hadn’t pre-planned their request in the first place.

When you ride with Wingz, you’re riding with reliability—not a perception of it.

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