A Service Stimulus: Why Our Drivers Rule

our drivers rule

We like to make a big deal about our drivers here at Wingz, and rightfully so: they’re our lifeblood. If we’re going to be a service predicated on the ability to book a driver over and over again, you’re going to want to be darn certain that the folks behind the wheel know what they’re doing!

But how can we ensure that our drivers are giving it their best every ride?

It’s an interesting—albeit abstract—question to tackle, but the answer might lie in the way our bookings are structured. You see, as nice as it is for you to see a familiar face each time a Wingz driver is picking you up, it’s equally advantageous for the driver when you schedule them directly.

A “direct booking” gives Wingz drivers a higher percentage of the fare and provides a big incentive for them to give it 110% on their rides with you. If you’re impressed with a driver after the trip, you can add them to your Favorite Driver list and automatically request them each time you need a ride. You’ll end up giving them a steady workload and be part of a clientele that can help your driver build a business. It’s an added motivation unique to Wingz that could push your ride from good to great.

The friendly kind of “competition” of this setup fits into our app’s formula for giving you rides, and it lets the best drivers rise to the top of the pool when you’re scheduling a trip without a direct booking . When you ride with Wingz, you’re riding with those who truly want to give you the best service on the road.