Welcome to Around-town Bay Area Rides!

Earlier this year we rolled out a new, around-town service in Austin created for those who wanted to book rides beyond the airport with their favorite drivers. We’re happy to say that today, that feature is making it’s debut in our home town of San Francisco, as well as the greater SF Bay area!

Just like our airport rides, our new service takes the stress out of getting to and from wherever you need to go—a night on the town, a business meeting, a sporting event, or even a doctor’s appointment!

With advanced booking, flat-rate pricing, and trusted drivers, you can rest easy knowing a friendly driver will be waiting for you… not the other way around. As always, once you ride with Wingz, you can re-book your favorite driver for a more personal experience. Just hop on our iOS or Android app (no desktop bookings for this service yet) and start scheduling your rides today!

Just to be uber-clear: Wingz rides are not on-demand, they can be booked anywhere from 1 hour to 2 months in advance (2 hours to 2 months for airport rides). The reason is simple—advanced booking takes the stress out of wondering if a driver will be available when you need it.

While we’re happy to drive you shorter distances, these rides do have a $25 minimum.

Now sit back and get ready to enjoy the ride!