What it Takes To Become a Wingz Driver


Your trusted, personal driver.

You’ve probably heard the term from us before, as it’s the #1 mantra we stand behind and take pride in as a company. When we hand-pick our drivers to become a part of the Wingz team, there’s an intense (but fair) level of scrutiny involved on our side of the equation. We want to make sure that you’re riding with a crop of outstanding drivers—ones you’ll want to ride with again and again.

If a potential driver comes to us looking to apply, they’ll have to go through a step-by-step vetting process that includes:

  • An individual screening to bring in the friendliest and most welcoming
  • A criminal background & MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) check to assure passenger safety
  • 19-point vehicle inspection to keep you riding with the best cars around
  • A disability online orientation to assist passengers that require special accommodations
  • An online orientation and knowledge test to ensure you’re riding with the savviest and most well-informed


Beyond the logistics of this checklist, we still need to confirm that these are the right people for the Wingz driver team. When we’re in the home stretch of the on-boarding process, we also look for:

  • A recent and clean vehicle that will make riding with us comfortable and carefree
  • A customer-oriented attitude that demonstrates the driver is willing to go the extra mile to make a rider happy
  • Some experience driving with other transportation providers or other rideshare companies to verify that this isn’t their first rodeo in the industry

After all’s said and done, we only end up accepting around 5% of the drivers who apply to become a driver. Once they’re on board, Wingz drivers are subject to routine checkups per regulatory requirements to verify their vehicles are safe and their insurance up to date; it’s a lot of work, but it’s the only way to keep our engine running.