$1 Rides in Dallas & Houston!

Dallas Houston Blog

A month ago, we launched a promo for new riders in the Austin area which offered $1 rides for Wingz first-timers throughout the city. We saw an awesome response from folks within the city, so we decided to stretch our Wingz-span, if you will, and up the Texan ante: we’ve now got $1 fares for first-time riders in both Dallas & Houston.

From now until August 19th, new Wingz customers will pay just $1 for a ride up to 20 miles to or from the Dallas or Houston airports. We know that the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas cover a bigger swath of land than Austin, so full disclosure: rides above 20 miles in these markets will have a $40 discount applied towards their final fare instead of the flat-rate $1. And although you have to request your ride by August 19th, the ride can take place within 60 days of booking.

$1 from each fare will once again go to a charitable cause, this time in the form of Dallas and Houston’s local Meals on Wheels chapters. For 46 years, Meals on Wheels has been the leading provider of nutritious meals for seniors who aren’t able to leave the home or cook for themselves. Please consider donating to your local chapter, even if you don’t plan on taking advantage of the promotion.

To schedule your first Wingz ride, simply download the app and book. No promo code is needed to get your $1 ride in Dallas or Houston. You can also book your ride at wingz.com.



If you’re already a Wingz user, there remains incentive for a great deal. If you share the word and your friends sign up for Wingz using your unique referral code, they get a $1 ride… and you’ll get your $5 Wingz credit. Get a deal and do some good with Wingz, now until August 19th.

For additional details on the promotion, check out our terms and conditions.